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Timing Design Assistant - Timing Closure & Constraint Setup


General Answer Records that explain how to setup timing constraints for Timing Closure.


Register-to Register (PERIOD) related

(Xilinx Answer 18877)- 13.1 Timing Analyzer/Constraint - Using a FF (gate clock) for divide circuitry causes problems with the PERIOD analysis
(Xilinx Answer 16717) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer/Constraint - A PERIOD constraint is not analyzed
(Xilinx Answer 15833) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer/Constraint - How do I add a PERIOD constraint to the N-side of my differential pair?
(Xilinx Answer 6905) - 12.1 Constraints - How do I apply a PERIOD constraint on a DLL/DCM/PLL/MMCM?
(Xilinx Answer 2586) - 12.1 Timing/Constraints, Virtex-4 and newer and Spartan-3 and newer - PLL/DCM Timing Constraints Issues
(Xilinx Answer 14775) -12.1 Timing - How do the timing tools find a relationship between two phase-shifted/multiplied clocks?

Input & Output (OFFSET) related

(Xilinx Answer 31708) - 13.1 Timing Analyzer - When I run an OFFSET analysis in timing analyzer on its own, I receive different results than if I run a full timing analysis
(Xilinx Answer 29189) - 13.1 Timing Analyzer - Why is DCM Phase Shifting ignored when OFFSET ... HIGH | LOW is specified?
(Xilinx Answer 7862) - 12.1 Timing Constraints - How do I specify a CLOCK_TO_OUT/CLOCK_TO_PAD constraint with an internally divided/multiplied clock?
(Xilinx Answer 11589) - 12.1 NGDBuild/Constraint - "ERROR:NGD:635 - Specification "OFFSET=IN <time>ps before <signal_name>" on signal "<problem_signal> (for_INT)" is not valid..."
(Xilinx Answer 4508) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer - How to determine if the downstream device will have a hold time violation? (trce -s min)

Timing Exception (FROM:TO) related

(Xilinx Answer 13920) 12.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - My FROM:TO constraint picks up the wrong paths (TNM)
(Xilinx Answer 34348) 12.x Timing Constraints - How can I exclude cross-domain paths from Timing Analysis?


(Xilinx Answer 17063) - 12.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer/Constraint - Derived PERIOD constraints are ignored when the main PERIOD constraint is specified using a "NET" keyword


(Xilinx Answer 33765) -11.1 Timing Analyzer - NET PERIOD clock arrival times change

Clock driving through BUFGMUX

(Xilinx Answer 20957) - 11.1 Release Note - Timing - Timing Simulation reports setup errors, but Timing Analyzer reports that all is well
(Xilinx Answer 31276) - 11.4 Timing Analyzer - Incorrect clock skew reported
(Xilinx Answer 32445) - 11.1 Known Issue - Timing - Incorrect timing analysis associated with input clocks on BUFGMUX
(Xilinx Answer 15807) - 12.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - Timing reports a very large skew on a global clock between flip-flops with BUFGMUX


(Xilinx Answer 33904) - 11.3 TRCE/Timing Analyzer (Partial) - FROM:TO TPSYNC not working as expected


(Xilinx Answer 29242) - 12.1 Release Note, Timing Analyzer - Order of constraints in PCF can produce different timing analyses


(Xilinx Answer 24217) -13.1 Timing - Jitter Information Master Record
(Xilinx Answer 31087) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer - Why does Timing Analyzer show that I have no clock uncertainty?
(Xilinx Answer 10167) - 12.1 Timing - Does Timing Analyzer account for the output jitter of the DCM/DLL/PLL/MMCMs? (Clock Uncertainty)
(Xilinx Answer 23710) - 12.1 TRCE/Timing Analyzer - How is clock uncertainty being calculated now that DCM jitter and phase error have been characterized for Virtex-4 (and newer) devices?

RAM Related

(Xilinx Answer 32756) - 11.4 Timing Analyzer/Trce, Virtex-5 - Extra paths analyzed with respect to block RAM (additional delays through address pins of block RAM)
(Xilinx Answer 32470) - 11.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - Does not analyze paths through Virtex-5 Block Ram


(Xilinx Answer 35479) - 12.1 TRCE/Timing Analyzer - IODELAYE1 DATAOUT is being treated as a synchronous output
(Xilinx Answer 32707) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer - IODELAY Min, Maximum Delay information


(Xilinx Answer 30449) - 12.1 Timing Analyzer - GTP - How is a PERIOD constraint on REFCLK passed through the GTP_DUAL tile?

Cross Clock Domain Analysis

(Xilinx Answer 13752) - ISE Timing & Constraints - How to constrain clock domain crossing paths

Syntax related

(Xilinx Answer 3753) - 12.1 Constraints - UCF to PCF conversion examples (PERIOD, FROM:TO, LOCs, RPMs)
(Xilinx Answer 2449) - 12.1 Constraints/Timing - Basic User Constraints File (UCF) syntax examples for design placement and timing constraints

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