AR# 40855


12.x/13.1 ChipScope - IBERT - Virtex-6 GTX attribute TERMINATION_OVRD set incorrectly to TRUE


In the IBERT core for Virtex-6 GTX the attributeTERMINATION_OVRDis set to TRUE with the attributeTERMINATION_CTRL set to 0x14.

TERMINATION_OVRD should be set to FALSE to use theexternal calibration resistor connected toMGTAVTTRCAL and MGTRREF pins.

Please see the Virtex-6 GTX user guide UG366 for more information.


The value can be changed in IBERT under the tab DRP Settings. A core fix will be included in ChipScope Pro tool 13.2

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AR# 40855
Date 01/02/2013
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