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iMPACT- How can I read DNA from my FPGA with IMPACT?


How to read a Device DNA for Spartan-3A series FPGA from iMPACT software?
How to read a Device DNA for Spartan-6 series FPGA from iMPACT software?
How to read a Device DNA for Virtex-6 series FPGA from iMPACT software?
How to read a DNA for 7 series (Kintex-7 or Artix-7 or ZynQ-7) FPGA devices?


DNA information is given in the respective Configuration user guide and the Device software library HDL user guide for the primitive.

  1. For Spartan-3A series devices (Spartan-3A, Spartan-3AN andSpartan-3ANDSP)
      • To read if the DNA iMPACT batch mode command is available. ("readDna -p <position>")
  2. For Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 FPGA devices:
      • AGUI option available in the iMPACT s/w under the "Process window", called "Read Device DNA". Also, the iMPACT batch mode command "readDna -p <position>" will work.
  3. For 7 series FPGA devices (Artix-7, Kintex-7 and ZynQ-7)
      • Pre-iMPACT14.4 does NOT have a GUI option available for READ DEVICE DNA in the iMPACTsoftware under the "Process window". To get the Device DNA value read from the JTAG port, simply run the iMPACT batch mode command "readDna -p <position>" .
How to get the Xilinx Device DNA via iMPACT batch mode?
1. Generate iMPACT batch mode file say "<filename>.cmd" (in any ASCII text Editor) with following text commands in it. You can run this in iMPACT batch mode. In the commands below, "X" denotes the position of the targeted device.

setMode -bs
setCable -port auto
Readdna -p X

2.Run above generated file "readDNA.cmd" (ASCII text file) in IMPACT batch mode command line as:

  • Impact -batch <filename>.cmd
  • The above command will display the DNA number on the DOS command console.
  • Note: If FPGA is configured prior to read Device DNA via JTAG port then the value will be wrong. Please make sure that FPGA is not configured from external Flash or JTAG device. To achieve this simply change mode pins or erase the external Flash deviceand powercycle the board.

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