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EDK XPS - Revup - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here are some Frequently asked questions on revup and their answers.


Where do I find version specific revup issues?

Issues with the revup in a specific version of tools will result in an error message. 

A search for this error will help in finding the relevant answer record.

How does revup work and how are automated changes and manual changes differentiated?

Every core has Major version, Minor version in the name of the core.



The following changes will be made:

Core microblaze 8.00.b will be replaced by 8.20.a

Core mpmc 6.02.a will be replaced by 6.04.a

Core clock_generator 4.01.a will be replaced by 4.02.a

Core mdm 2.00.a will be replaced by 2.00.b

Whenever the tool sees a change in the minor version of the core, it replaces the core automatically. 

For example 8.00.b 8.20.a, 6.02a 6.04.a. 

The tool compares the version of the core and then checks the pcores folder in the EDK_Install/hw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/pcores folder.

If the tool sees an updated core name it will replace it. (2.00a 2.00b)



You must manually make the following changes:

Core lmb_v10 1.00.a needs to be replaced by 2.00.b

Core lmb_bram_if_cntlr 2.10.b needs to be replaced by 3.00.b

Whenever the tools sees that there is a major change as in this case from lmb 1.00a lmb 2.00b, the MHS must be manually updated.

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