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Project Navigator - How can I find the implementation properties setting used in a project?


What files can I refer to if I want to know the project process properties setting?


The following files keep a record of the project settings.

  • The "Command Line" information in each process report (.bld, .mrp, .par, .twx etc). For example, in MAP report, you will see something like this at the header.

Command Line: map -intstyle ise -p xc6vlx75t-ff484-3 -w -logic_opt off -ol high -t 1 -xt 0 -register_duplication off -r 4 -global_opt off -mt off -detail -ir off -pr off -lc off -power off -o Blackjack_top_map.ncd Blackjack_top.ngd Blackjack_top.pcf

  • You can view the Project Navigator command log file (.cmd_log)resulting from running processes in Project Navigator. The file contains all command lines, including properties (command line switches) that were run using Project Navigator processes since the project was created or since the Project > Cleanup Project Files command was last run. This file is a running log; if you run a process multiple times, the log file includes each run in chronological order.
  • For ISE 11.1 and later projects, the ISE project file (.xise) contains source settings, including design and process properties.
AR# 40900
Date 12/15/2012
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