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XADC Wizard - Release Notes and Known Issues for the XADC Wizard v1.4


This Release Note is for the XADC Wizard v1.4 released in ISE Design Suite 13.4 and contains the following:

  • General Information
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Issues
  • Device Support


General Information

The XADC Wizard v1.4 supports the 7 Series FPGAs and Zynq FPGAs. You can use the Wizard to customize the I/O Ports usage, the User Alarms and Thresholds, and the Channel Sequencer.

New Features in v1.4

There are no new features in v1.4.

New Features in v1.3

Three new alarmswere added for Zynq only: FPGAs, Vccpint, Vccpaux, and Vccdro.

Bug Fixes in v1.4

There was two known issues in earlier versions of the XADC Wizard where the limits for the Vccint and Vccaux alarm where incorrect. This has been fixed in the v1.4 XADC Wizard.

Bug Fixes in v1.3

Due to a technical issue, the incorrect version of the LogiCORE IP XADC Wizard User Guide was included in the ISE Design Suite 13.1 installation directory. The correct version of the User Guide can be found here:

Bug Fixes in v1.2

This is a new core and there are no bug fixes. There were issues in the previous families of ADC Wizard that are addressed in the XADC Wizard.

(Xilinx Answer 24512) LogiCORE System Monitor Wizard v1.0 - Release Notes and Known Issues for the System Monitor Wizard

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues for the v1.4 XADC Wizard.

AR# 40906
Date 05/16/2012
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