AR# 40909


7 Series FPGA Integrated Block v1.1 for PCI Express - Simulation takes a long time to link up using provided example design


Due to an assignment mistake in the 7 Series Integrated Block Wrapper, simulation using the provided example design takes about 75 microseconds to link up.


This can be shortened to about 35 microseconds by modifying the "pcie_gtx_7x.v" filein the wrappers generated source directory.

Change the line:

assign phy_rdy_n = !(&plllkdet[NO_OF_LANES-1:0] & clock_locked);

to the following:
assign phy_rdy_n = (&phystatus_rst[NO_OF_LANES-1:0] & clock_locked);

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03/10/2011 - Initial release

AR# 40909
Date 05/16/2012
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