AR# 40954


12.4 PlanAhead - Open project results in "ERROR: [#UNDEF] File not found: /runs.xml"


I open a project and the following error occurs:

"ERROR: [#UNDEF] File not found: <PATH>/runs.xml"


This error occurs if the project and runs directory content get out of sync. Usually, this happens on Windows when some process keeps a lock on the <project>.runs directory (e.g., antivirus programs). In these situations, you typically see that the <project>.runs directory contents have been emptied out, but the "runs" directory itself could not be deleted.  Instead, the most recent data would be stored in a runsXX directory (see below).

In ISE Design Suite 13.1, automatic recovery mechanisms have been added to get around this issue.

In 12.x, the following work-around can be used:

  1. When the project fails to open with the error message stated, exit PlanAhead completely without any further operation.
  2. Using Windows Explorer (or command shell), go to the <project> directory.
    • You might see one or more <project>.runsXX directories (runs1, runs2, runs3 etc.).
    • Rename the current <project>.runs directory to something else (e.g., <project>.runs_deleted).
    • Select the highest numbered <project>.runsXX directory, and rename it to <project>.runs.
  3. Launch the PlanAhead tool and open the project again (it should open fine this time).
AR# 40954
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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