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AR# 41046

13.1 EDK - Can I use ModelSim PE or Questa instead of ModelSim SE for EDK simulations?


When I attempt to compile the HDL libraries in XPS, I am only allowed the option of selecting ModelSim SE.I only have a license for ModelSim PE or Questa.

Is there a way to use ModelSim PE or Questafor my EDK simulations?


Neither ModelSim PEnor Questahave been tested with the EDK HDL simulation flows, but it should work without any issues.

To use ModelSim PE or Questa:

  1. Compile the libraries with ModelSim PE or Questa:
    1. Select Simulation Library Compilation Wizard from the ISE Design Tools > Tools category (compxlibgui.exe).
    2. Select the appropriate settings in the GUI.
  2. In XPS, select Edit > Preferences > Simulation and fill in the location of ModelSim PE and the newly compiled libraries.
  3. Open the ".compedklib_ise_info" text file (found in the root directory where the libraries were compiled).
  4. Modify mti_pe/questa to mti_se.
  5. Save and Close the file.

You should now be able to run your simulations with ModelSim PE or Questa.

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AR# 41046
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