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MIG 7 Series DDR3/DDR2 - How does the memory controller send a Read/Write with Auto-Precharge request to the PHY?


How does theMIG 7 Series DDR3 controller send a Read/Write with Auto-Precharge request to the PHY?

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To request a Write/Read with Auto-Precharge the memory controller sets the PHY Command field of the PHY Control Word (using the mc_cmd signal) to either Write or Read while sending the appropriate command signals and address signals with bit A10 set to 1 (for the auto-precharge) to the command/address OUT_FIFO(s).

Additional Information
For more detailed information on the MIG7 Series DDR3/DDR2 PHY, please see the PHY section withinthe 7 Series FPGA Memory Interface Solutions User Guide(DDR3 SDRAM Memory Interface Solution > Core Architecture > PHY).

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