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AR# 41062

12.x PlanAhead - Does the tool search recursively for added directories?


When I create a PlanAhead Project with ISE Placement and Timing Results, I added a top synthesized netlist as well as adding a directory where submodule netlists reside.

However, I received anerror indicating modules not found. Why?


By default, the tool does not automaticallyadd files from all subdirectories of any directories specified using the Add Directories... option.

Say you place an a.ngc file under \netlist\a and ab.ngc under \netlist\b separately. You need to specify these two directories instead of just adding the \netlist directory.

You can override this behavior by changing PlanAhead options.

  1. Select Tools -> Options
  2. Select General
  3. Under Source Files,check the checkbox before recurse through the subdirectories to locate source files

In 13.1, this option is ON by default.

AR# 41062
Date 01/23/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead - 12.1
  • PlanAhead - 12.2
  • PlanAhead - 12.3
  • PlanAhead - 12.4
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