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AR# 41136

13.1 EDK - How do I migrate my custom make and Tcl files to the new GNUWin environment?


How do I migrate my custom make and Tcl files to the new GNUWin environment?


In ISE Design Suite 13.1, dependencies on Cygwin were removed. The GNU tools were ported using MinGW, Cygwin is no longer shipped (bash not available), and GNUWin utilities were added to provide common Linux commands, as well as Make. GNUWin utilities are found in the $XILINX_EDK/gnuwin folder.

If you are integrating software solutions with EDK or SDK, general guidelines are included below to facilitate Windows/Linux portability and compatibility with the 13.1 environment.

1. Make files
- Do not use bash commands or syntax.
- When specifying paths, do not use a trailing slash character '/'.

2. Use exec instead of bash in Tcl files.

3. On the Windows platform, Windows commands take precedence over commands with the same name found in your path settings. For example, if you do not use the full path to "mkdir", the Windows mkdir commandis used. In your Make files and Tcl scripts, use fully qualified path names for GNUWin32 utilities that you want to use.

4. Define macros for commands in Make files and Tcl scripts to ensure portability between Windows and Linux 5. Bash is no longer available; bash scripts need to be re-implemented.

If you are creating drivers, BSP or library metadata/Tcl/Make files that are integrated with EDK or SDK to generate parameterized source files, you can also look at the Xilinx implementations for examples. The guidelines above were used to update Xilinx solutions for the 13.1 release.
AR# 41136
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 13.1
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