AR# 41167


13.1 PlanAhead - Synthesis appears to start, but never completes


When I run a synthesis in the PlanAhead tool, it appears to start up, but it never completes.

The Tcl console shows:

launch_runs -runs synth_1 -jobs 1 -dir {C:\test\my_proj\my_proj.runs} -copy_sources
[Sun Dec 05 12:34:09 2010] Launched synth_1

The Compilation panel shows:

*** Running xst
with args -ifn "MY_PROJ.xst" -ofn "MY_PROJ.srp" -intstyle ise

The Design Runs panel shows:

synth_1 ... Queued...


The PlanAhead tool appears to hang or never complete synthesis if the XILINX environment variable is not set correctly. In reality, the synthesis is never started.

The problem is that the synthesis executable cannot be found based on the XILINX environment variable setting, but the PlanAhead tool does not make this clear.

Check the console to see if a message similar to the following exists:
"C:\test\my_proj\my_proj.runs\synth_1\rundef.js(25, 1) WshShell.Exec: The system cannot find the file specified."
If the above message exists, check the XILINX environment variable and the location it is pointing to; the XST synthesis executable should exist in the $XILINX\bin\{OS} directory, where {OS} = nt, nt64, lin, or lin64.

In the 13.2 PlanAhead tool, this situation results in an error message being written to the Messages window indicating that the synthesis executable cannot be found.
AR# 41167
Date 07/06/2011
Status Active
Type General Article
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