AR# 4117


Mentor, pld_edif2tim - "Error line 2 illegal identifier "15 encountered from synthesis"


When reading the "time_sim.edn" file from "pld_edif2tim" in Mentor, the following error appears: 


"Error line 2 illegal identifier "15 encountered from synthesis" 


This happens if you are running M1 from PC and porting the "time_sim.edn" to workstation.


If the "time_sim.edn" file is viewed in an editor on the Unix workstation the file will still appear in DOS format with the ^M at the end of the lines, even though from the Mentor editor the file will appear normal (without the ^M). 


1. Run dos2unix on the Unix workstation: 


dos2unix time_sim.edn > time_sim_new.edn 


2. Re-run pld_edif2tim on the new "time_sim_new.edn" file.

AR# 4117
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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