AR# 4129


MAP: baste:263- The LOC contraint is not valid for IPAD symbol, which is being mapped to the following site types: CLKIOB


Keywords: baste, 263, LOC, constraint, clk, CLKIOB

Urgency: standard

General Description:

MAP may error out with the following message.

ERROR:baste:263 - The LOC constraint "P7" (a IOB location)
is not valid for symbol "SIG_PO" (pad signal=SIG), which is
being mapped to the following site types:

The reason this has occurred is because the netlist dictates
that the clock signal comes into the device and directly into
the input of a global buffer. However, because the clock
signal is not placed to an IOB with this direct access to a
global buffer, this is an illegal connection.

The solution is to insert an input buffer between the pad and
the global buffer.



Schematic entry

If this clock I/O has been entered in schematics, then simply
insert an IBUF between the IPAD and global buffer.


HDL code

If the netlist has been synthesized from HDL code, the
resolution will depend on the synthesis tool.

For Foundation Metamor XVHDL, the workaround is to instantiate
a global buffer with the external clock signal connected to its
input and the output connected to internal logic.

Please note: this issue is fixed in v1.5i or newer version of the
AR# 4129
Date 04/25/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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