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AR# 41375

Chipscope - How can I automate chipscope to repeatedly trigger on an event?


I would like to automate the ChipScope tool. Based on trigger condition I set, after every trigger event I want ChipScope tool to automatically export the data and wait for new triggering event. How can I do this?


There is a repetitive trigger feature that may help you here. In repetitive trigger run mode, instead of stopping after triggering and uploading/displaying captured data, the Analyzer automatically re-arms the ILA core trigger. See page 93 of the User Guide


There is afeature called scripted triggering where the customer would use a script to run the ChipScope cores instead of the Analyzer GUI. This feature will come in 14.1.

AR# 41375
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.4
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