AR# 41399

Project Navigator - Messages in the Design Summary are not visible when "Collate all" messaging option is used


The following issues have been seen when using the "Collate all" option in the Design Summary:
  • Unable to expand + to view all messages
  • Unable to navigate up and down the list using the cursor keys
  • Focus in the window (the dashed outline around a message) can only be moved by dragging existing focus, not by clicking

For Example:

  1. Under "Error and Warnings" choose Synthesis Messages
  2. In the Design Summary window, try to expand "+" next to any of the warnings
  3. Highlight one of the warnings (so it is blue) and, using the cursor keys, try to navigate up or down.
  4. Click into another warning message, the dashed outline around the previous message will still be in place


The work-around for accessing all messages is to use the "Flat" option rather than "Collate Consecutive" or "Collate All" (under the "Organize Messages" option in the lower left pane of the Design Summary).
AR# 41399
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article