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7 Series - How to place LVDS in a High Performance bank


In 7 Series FPGAs there are a mixture of High Performance (HP) and High Range (HR) banks. An HP bank has a maximum Vcco of 1.8V.

How do you define LVDS for an HP bank?


The IOSTANDARD for an HR bank is LVDS_25 and the IOSTANDARD for an HP is LVDS.

Both LVDS and LVDS_25 are documented in the 7 Series FPGAs SelectIO User Guide (UG471).

LVDS inputs are supported on an HP bank powered at Vcco=1.5V, but the swing should be limited to meet the Vin specification of Vcco + 0.2V.

Note: If the swing is 1.725V or below this will not cause issues. The internal DIFF_TERM is not supported on banks powered at 1.5V; therefore, an external 100 ohm differential termination resistor is required.

For information on voltage compatibility between LVDS in HP and HR banks, see (Xilinx Answer 40191)

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