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AR# 41434

13.1 EDK - Transisition from Cygwin to MinGW in EDK/SDK


What is the impact of the of thistransition on customer using MakeFiles to run the EDK/SDK tools?


  • Change generated makefilesthat usecygwin style paths (e.g. /cygdrive/c/)to use windows paths (e.g. C:\).
  • Additional Makefile guidelines can be found in: (Xilinx answer 41435) that will help developers implement some changes.
  • Remove calls to xbashor bash from makefiles and tools.
  • Remove calls to cygpath and other cygwin utilities.
  • Use alternate calls to unix commands such as cp, rm ormkdir. Thesecould be replaced by windows native commands such as copy,del and md/mkdir.
    • NOTE: Special attention is needed to distinguish between windows and gnuwin mkdir. The command is called the same, yet the behavior is different. On windows, the search order for executables find them in the windows system directory before finding them in the PATH. You may need to use the full path to call the gnuwin command.
  • Rlwrap - Need to attempt compilation using MinGW.
  • Xbash - To be removed from the release in favor of the Windows Command Shell.
  • Loaders - Add path to gnuwin and remove path to cygwin.
  • Cleanup any tcl scripts that make use of linux commands or paths and make them platform independent.
  • Custom makefiles that use cygwin style path (e.g., /cygdrive/c/) need to change to Windows style path (e.g., C:\).
  • One possible way of addressing this is to create a translator script. The solution will involve a manual step.

    Users who rely onbashor xbash will need to install Cygwin themselves.


    Q. Will XPS open a (windows) command prompt in context of a project as it opens up bash today?
    A. That is a feature of XPS.The capability of opening a Windows Command Shell canbe implemented if required.

    Q. Will all utility functions still be available (cp, rm, etc.)?
    A. In 12.1, EDK/SDK includes all utilities included with Cygwin, and the list is relatively long. It is proposed to provide native Windows applications from the GNUWin project, which includes overlapping commands (typically found on Unix/Linux distributions) but they may differ in behavior from the versions included with Cygwin. See http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/. The goal is to ship a minimal set of Unix commands (use Windows commands where possible), rather than a large or extensive set.

    Q. Other than changing paths from /c/* to c:/*, what will the impact of the change on makefiles?
    A. Implementations of make can differ, and that may affect syntax and behavior. Initial tests have shown expected behavior in terms of handling of windows and unix paths. Even though GNUWin make can handle a mix of paths, it is advisable to create native windows paths whenever possible.

AR# 41434
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 13.1
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