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7 Series GTX Transceivers - What do you connect the MGTVCCAUX to if QPLL is unused?


The MGTVCCAUX is the analog voltage supply for the QPLL (Quad PLL) for the 7 Series GTX transceivers. This answer record describes what to do with the MGTVCCAUX supply on the board if you do not use the QPLL in your design.


If you do not use the QPLL in your design, connect MGTVCCAUX to a 1.8V supply. Because the QPLL will not be used, this 1.8V supply does not need any special filtering for MGTVCCAUX.

A good candidate to supply this voltage is the VCCAUX voltage power supply. The unused QPLL will be in a powered down state and will draw less than 50 uA.

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AR# 41451
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