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AR# 41478

14.x Timing Analyzer - How to report paths by constraint?


I am trying to produce a timing report, but the default timing analyzer reports paths bythree endpoints per constraint.

How can I modify the options so that it reports paths only by constraint?


In "Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report Properties",

-n (Report Paths Per Endpoint)
This option reports paths per endpoint

Please set "Report Paths by Endpoint (-n)" to 0. Thispreventspaths from beingdisplayed by endpoint.
Then, you can set "Number of Paths in Error/Verbose Report" to the number of your interest.

For example, with -v 3000 and -n 0, you will see 3000 worst case paths for each constraint.
The higher the limit value, the longer it takes to generate the timing report.

AR# 41478
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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