AR# 4153


Orcad Express: DRC check gives error on PULLUP and PULLDOWN components


Keywords: Orcad, express, pullup, pulldown, drc, error [DRC0004]

Urgency: standard

General description: When using a Pullup or Pulldown component in
an Orcad Schematic design, running DRC check will issue an error
similar to the following:

ERROR [DRC0004] Possible pin type conflict XR1, O Output Connected
to Output: Schematic page1 (0.40, 0.86)


This is caused because PULLUP and PULLDOWN components have
only one pin of type output. This pin connects to the output
of an IPAD or the output of an OBUFx.
This error message can be safely ignored.
Orcad will create a correct netlist that will implement
correctly in the Xilinx tool set.
AR# 4153
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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