AR# 41604


13.1 PlanAhead - "ERROR:createCore(chipscope_ila_v1_03_a): Attempt to create duplicate core for instance ..."


When I try to run implementation using a Tcl script in the PlanAhead tool, I see the following errors in the command window:

"ERROR:createCore(chipscope_ila_v1_03_a): Attempt to create duplicate core for instance g_CHIPSCOPE_ENABLE.g_CHIPSCOPE_ILA_LB_ENABLE.ila_64_16k_m2_ee_inst"

This does not appear in the report files. What is the issue here?


Whenever the PlanAhead tool loads a netlist, the ChipScope core detection code gets called to scan for existing ChipScope cores. First, it locates the ICON core, then it iterates over the ICON CONTROL ports looking for attached ILA cores. The assumption is that these connections are through the ILA core's CONTROL port.

If the ICON core has unused control ports, for example, one control port is attached to the ILA's control port, then the others are tied to GND. Because the ILA TRIG0 port is also tied to GND, there is a logical connection from the ICON's grounded control ports to the ILA's TRIG0 port. This confuses the core detection code into thinking that the ICON has multiple connections to the same ILA, which is invalid.

If the control ports are only tied to GND, you can safely ignore the error.

Do not leave any unused Control* ports of the ICON core unconnected as this causes the implementation tools to report an error. It is better to use an ICON core with the same number of CONTROL* ports as you have ILA, VIO, or ATC2 cores.

This issue (giving an error for grounded control ports) is fixed in the 13.2 ISE Design Suite.
AR# 41604
Date 07/08/2011
Status Active
Type Error Message
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