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7 Series MIG DDR3 SDRAM - Is external termination on DQ and DQS required in High Range (HR) banks?


7 Series MIG DDR3 SDRAM designs can be generated in either High Range (HR) or High Performance (HP) banks. DCI is available in the HP banks but not available in the HR banks. Because DCI is not available in HR banks, is external termination required on DQ/DQS?

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7 Series FPGAs include IN_TERM termination in the HR banks. Using IN_TERM in the HR banks is recommended over external termination. Starting with 7 Series MIG 1.2, MIG tool includes an IN_TERM option where users can select between:
- off
- 40 ohm
- 50 ohm
- 60 ohm

Based on the GUI selection, the MIG generated UCF will then set the IN_TERM to:


The IN_TERM settings were supportedstarting with ISE Design Suite 13.2.

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