AR# 41734

12.x/13.1 ChipScope IBERT - Virtex-6 GTH Transceivers Production Silicon Support


This Answer Record discusses the ChipScope IBERT support for ES and Production GTH Transceivers in Virtex-6 HXT devices.


The GTH Transceiver default attribute settings are different between the ES and Production silicon versions of Virtex-6 HXT devices.

The ChipScope IBERT tool (released with ISE software versions 12.x/13.1 only) support the ES silicon settings of GTH Transceivers. The IBERT version (released with ISE 13.1 Update) supports the Production silicon as well as ES silicon settings of Virtex-6 GTH Transceivers.
AR# 41734
Date 04/19/2011
Status Active
Type General Article