AR# 41753


13.1 PlanAhead - Critical warning: [ALGAI-0] Incorrect value '0x002F' specified for property 'INIT'(file = SRL16E_TEST.edf, line =58)


When I implement a design through PlanAhead tool, I get the following Critical warning:

Critical warning: [ALGAI-0] Incorrect value '0x002F'specified for property 'INIT'(file = SRL16E_TEST.edf, line =58)

The same design completes implementation in Project Navigator or through command line without an error. What is the issue here?

In the libraries guide it does specify that the INIT string is a hexadecimal value (0X002F).


PlanAhead tool is not recognizing a valid INIT value in the format used.

You can ignore the message if the INIT value is zero. However, ifa non-zero INIT value is intended, then the values will be not be set correctly and the design will not run as expected.

If you run implementation outside of PlanAhead tool,then this will not affect the design. But, ifimplementation is runthrough PlanAhead tool, then PlanAhead software will ignore the INIT string and will affect the design.

A workaround for the non-zero INIT value for eg:(ox002F) would be change the INIT value in the EDF to 002F. PlanAhead tool will except this format for the INIT value and willimplement the INIT values correctly.

This issue is resolved in PlanAhead tool 13.2.
AR# 41753
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Error Message
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