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Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Power issues unless Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI is open


When restoring the power controllers on a 6 series or 7 series Evaluation Kit, the following issues may arise:

  • JTAG chain can only be accessed when the TI Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI is open.
  • Operations on the JTAG chain can only be carried out when the TI Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI is open.
  • Restoring the power controllers to the factory default using the appropriate xml file returns the kit to operability, however closing the GUI and power cycling the board results in the JTAG chain no longer being accessible.
  • 12V PWR, FMC PWR Good, MGTAVTT, MGTAVCC, or DDR3 PWR Good LED status is not OK.

 What steps can be taken to restore the kit to operability?


This behaviour is symptomatic of a checksum reset of the UCD92xx device. 

In order for the UCD92xx power controller to execute program code, the checksum needs to be set.

Follow the steps below to do this.


Procedure to recreate the Program Flash Checksum for UCD92xx Devices which fail to execute program code when removed from the Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI

1. Close any instances of the Fusion Digital Power Designer.

2. Cycle the input voltage to the UCD92xx power controllers, the controller with the issue needs to be in the non-functioning state.

3. From your Desktop, navigate to Start > All Programs > Fusion Digital Power Designer > Device GUIs > UCD3xxx Device GUI

4. Under the Tools section click Scan for UCD3000 IC in ROM Mode and the following screen should be displayed if the device is missing the Program Flash Checksum.

5. Near the bottom of the Tools section is Program Flash Checksum; click the option to Recreate the checksum.

6. When the GUI Log has indicated that the PFlash checksum has been created, close the GUI.

7. Disconnect the PMBus interface.

8. Power cycle the board and it should now execute the program code. The board should become fully operational.


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