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AR# 41839

Spartan-3 Starter Kit - Programming in iMPACT results in 'DONE did not go high'


When I try to configure the XC3S200 device on the Spartan-3 Starter Kit in Boundary Scan mode with a .bit file, programming fails with the following message:

'1': Programming terminated. DONE did not go high.

Why is this occurring?


The mode pins on the Spartan-3 Starter Kit control the FPGA configuration mode - see Table 9-1 page 36 of (UG130): http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/boards_and_kits/ug130.pdf

Even though JTAG is always available, when Mode pins are set to some modes it can result in automatic configuration attempts from a source other than the bit file you are using in iMPACT.

For example, if you have the mode pins set to Master Serial <000>, then the FPGA would automatically attempt to boot from the Platform Flash.  

This can cause contention and prevent configuration from the .bit file in JTAG mode as in the intended configuration method.

Set the mode pins to JTAG and then attempt to configure the FPGA in Boundary Scan mode with the bit file in iMPACT.

AR# 41839
Date 03/10/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Spartan-3
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  • Spartan-3 Starter Kit
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