.ngd' has been modified..."">


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AR# 41889

13.x PlanAhead Partitions - "ERROR:NgdBuild:1037 - The logic for imported Partition '%s' using previous implementation '.ngd' has been modified..."


Thefollowing error occurs whenI have not modified the netlist:

"ERROR:NgdBuild:1037 - The logic for imported Partition '%s' usingprevious implementation '<design>.ngd' has been modified. This situation can occur when the source for the Partition was modified but the Partition was not re-implemented and exported. You must re-implement and export the Partition before it can be imported into this design."

How can Iwork around this problem?


This problem relates only to PlanAhead tool Netlist projects.

For PlanAhead 13.1:
This error can occur when you use Synplify orMentor Precision for synthesis, and import results from a previous run using PlanAhead tool in ISE 13.1 software. This is because the PlanAhead tool does pre-processing on the EDIF netlists that might generate inconsistent names run-to-run causingthe comparisonto fail (even though the logic is identical).

To fix the problem in 13.1, you need to add the following line to the "init.tcl" file:
set_param edifin.funnel no

You cancreate a Tcl script named "init.tcl" and place it inthe home directory under HDI (hidden and system), it will automatically be sourced every time the PlanAheadtool is invoked:

For Linux:$HOME/.Xilinx/PlanAhead/init.tcl

For Windows:%APPDATA%\Xilinx/PlanAhead\init.tcl

%APPDATA% varies from user to user, butyou can see the value by typing:
set appdata in a cmd prompt

This is the same directory as user-defined strategies. This fileissourced every time you invoke PlanAhead tool.This particular scenario is fixed for PlanAhead tool 13.2.

For PlanAhead tool 13.2:

This error occurs only on PlanAhead tool netlist projects that change from non-HD to HD (by adding a partition), and then run implementation prior to reloading the Netlist Design view. A good example of this is a new PlanAhead project that opens the Netlist Design view, adds a partition, and then implements the design.

To fix this issue the Netlist Design view must be closed and reopened prior to launching implementation. This is required only one time when the project changes to an HD project. This issue will be fixed in the next release of PlanAhead tool.

AR# 41889
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead - 13.1
  • PlanAhead - 13.2
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