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Licensing - What is a floating license?


What is a floating or server license?

What are the various parts of the license?


A network floating license allows you to use a license from any machine that can access the identified license server. 

An encrypted "key" is locked to a license server host that runs the FLEX license server daemon.

The license is "counted," meaning that the FLEX license manager keeps track of the number of "seats" hosted by that server. 

Network Floating Licenses are locked to a license server host running the FLEX license server daemon. 

A floating license is counted, which means there is a quantity entered in the "count" field of the FLEX license equal to the number of "seats" hosted by that server. 

A license is checked out per unique user.

Therefore, if Joe and Bob are running PAR on two different machines at the same time, two ISE seats will be checked out.

For example, the license below allows for 10 seats of the PlanAhead tool, the ChipScope Pro tool, and/or the ISIM tool to be run simultaneously.

\# This license is valid for permanent ( 0 days ) from Thu Mar 05 16:53:45 GMT+00:00 2009
INCREMENT Logic_Edition xilinxd 2010.03 permanent 10 9AF27E183C6D \
VENDOR_STRING=joe@gmail.com_Logic_Edition_software_permanent_1000 \
ISSUER="Xilinx Inc" START=05-Mar-2009 TS_OK
\# ---------------------------------------------------------------
PACKAGE Logic_Edition xilinxd 2010.03 BCA973EE74F2 \
COMPONENTS="PlanAhead ChipscopePro_SIOTK ChipscopePro ISE \

The following table explains the parts of a floating license file.

SERVER Keyword defining server attributes
my_server1 Server name
80f0e696 Server hostID
2100 Server port
VENDOR xilinxd Command to start the xilinxd vendor daemon
# Commented text for user information only
INCREMENT Flex keyword signifying a licensed element
Logic_Edition Licensed product name
xilinxd Vendor identification
2010.03 License version limit
permanent Indicates no Expiration
10 Number of seats


CRC hash code



Vendor String included to easily identify the license

ISSUER="Xilinx Inc"

Company issuing the license
START=05-Mar-2009 The date the license was created
TS_OK Indicates that the license can be used with remote desktop terminal server
PACKAGE Logic_Edition Signifies that this package corresponds to the Logic_Edition Increment above
xilinxd Vendor identification
2010.03 Version limit of Package
COMPONENTS="PlanAhead ChipscopePro_SIOTK ChipscopePro ISE \
Indicates the components of the package that can be checked out under the Logic_Edition Increment
OPTIONS=SUITE Indicates suite

Note: In order to serve an activation license from a server, lmgrd will need to be run on a valid certificate license file.  See (Xilinx Answer 60522) for further details.

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