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Licensing - Can Xilinx design tools and IP licenses be locked to FLEX dongles? Does Xilinx sell dongles?


Can Xilinx design tools and IP licenses be locked to FLEX dongles?

Does Xilinx sell dongles?


Yes, certificate licenses for Xilinx design tools and IP licenses can be locked to a USB FlexNet version 9 dongle. 

Xilinx no longer sells Dongles.

Dongles can be purchased directly from Flexera.

For additional information or to order dongles, please contact Flexera.

Flexera's Dongle request e-mail address is:

Xilinx supports USB dongle licensing on Windows platforms only.

Note: To use a USB FLEX ID dongle with Windows operating systems, you must install the appropriate driver prior to creating a FlexNet license for use with it.

  1. Install the Xilinx ISE Design Suite software first. This will contain the installer for the USB FLEX ID dongle driver.
  2. Run the FLEXId_Dongle_Driver_Installer.exe found in %XILINX%\ISE\bin\nt or <Xilinx ISE DS install Directory>\ISE\bin\nt.
  3. On the Select Options screen, ensure that only FLEX ID 9 Drivers are checked.
  4. Click Next twice, and the driver will install. After installation, a screen appears asking you if you wish to reboot. You must reboot to ensure that the dongle operates correctly.

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