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Licensing - Will the ISE (Project Navigator) and EDK (XPS) GUIs check out and hold a license when open?


Will the ISE (Project Navigator) and EDK (XPS) software GUIs check out and hold a license when open?


Project Navigator and XPS will not check or hold any license while open and running. However, when launched, Project Navigator checks to make sure a valid license (ISE feature) can be found, and XPS checks to make sure valid EDK licenses (XPS and SDK features) can be found.

If a valid license is not found, Project Navigator or XPS launches the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) to assist the user. However, either Project Navigator or EDK will continue to run without any valid licenses. Specific process runs, like Implementation or Simulation, will stop if the license for the application being called by the process (MAP, PAR, ISIM, etc.) fails to find a license.

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