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AR# 42150

13.1 Constraint - TPTHRU constraint not getting applied to all paths, how can I work around the issue?


I have been trying to constrain a multi cycle path in my design using a TPTHRU constraint to a time group called tnm_multi_cycle.

However, this constraint is not getting applied to all related paths, an instance called "the_missing_comp" is not included in the Multicycle TIMESPEC analysis.

How can I work around the issue?


The work-around is to add the missing elements to the existing timing group that is referenced in the multicycle constraint.

NET "multi_cycle_net" TNM = "tnm_multi_cycle";

INST "the_missing_comp" TNM = tnm_missing_comp;

TIMEGRP "tnm_workaound" =tnm_multi_cycle tnm_missing_comp;

TIMESPEC "TS_workaroud" = TO "tnm_workaround" TS_clock*2;

(Assume multi-cycle is 2 times "clock")

AR# 42150
Date 03/26/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite
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