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AR# 42319

13.1 Virtex-7 MAP - Cases have been seen where MAP crashes due to stacksize limit


Some large Virtex-7 designs have been known to crash during the "Mapping design into LUTs..." phase of the MAP process while running on Linux machines. A typical default stacksize value is 10240 kbytes. To check your current value, run the following command:

> limit | grep stacksize

stacksize 10240


The crash can be avoided if the stacksize setting is increased or changed to unlimited:

limit stacksize 32 meg


limit stacksize unlimited

Note: If MAP continues to crash in the "Mapping design into LUTs..." phase after changing the stacksize setting, then this Answer Record is not a good match for your problem. Please examine other Answer Records for known MAP crashes, or open a Webcase for assistance

AR# 42319
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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