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AR# 42364

12.2 FPGA Editor: Autorouting is slower, also autoroute selected nets does not work


In 12.2 and later releases autorouting in FPGA Editor may be slower than in previous releases. 

Also if the user selects two or more nets and then presses autoroute, the following message appears: 

WARNING:FPGAEditor:356 - Nothing found to autoroute. 

The selected nets are not autorouted. 

Similarly nets may not be automatically routed when components are moved, even though File > Main Properties > Route Options > Auomatic Routing is checked.


To improve the speed of autorouting the entire design, change Tools > Route > Auto Route Setup > Auto Route Design from Timespec Driven to Resource Driven.

To make selected nets autoroute, and to get nets to automatically route when components are moved, change the Tools > Route > Auto Route Setup > Auto Route Selection from Delay Driven to Resource Driven.

These options can be set automatically by placing the following two lines in the fpga_editor.ini file or in an FPGA Editor script:

setattr main route_all_style resource
setattr main route_select_style resource

AR# 42364
Date 08/28/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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