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Licensing - Expiration, Version Limit, and Warranty Period


This Answer Record encompasses questions and issues related to license expiration, version limit, and warranty period.


License Expiration

The Expiration date is the date after which a license will no longer enable the licensed product.

Will my Xilinx software and IP licenses expire? Please see:(Xilinx Answer 42384).

Will I be warned before the expiration of an Evaluation or Trial license? Please see: (Xilinx Answer 35022).

Version Limit and Warranty Period

The contract or warranty period is the duration of time for which you are entitled to support and upgrades of the licensed product. The end of the warranty period for a license is reflected in the Version Limit.

  • For a WebPACK license, the version limit is one year after the software was initially released.
  • For a purchased license, the version limit month is typically one year after the software was purchased.

Does a license limit what version of software can be used? Yes, please see: (Xilinx Answer 42385).

How do I know what versions of the software were released before the Version Limit month? Please see: (Xilinx Answer 33770).

Will I be warned before the version limit passes? Yes, please see: (Xilinx Answer 33074).

Will I be warned when the version limit has passed? Yes, please see: (Xilinx Answer 34097).

Will the software stop working when the Contract or Warranty period (Version Limit) has passed? No, please see: (Xilinx Answer 33074).

Can I update my software during the Contract/Warranty period? Please see: (Xilinx Answer 42390).

Can I update my software after the Contract/Warranty period is over? Please see: (Xilinx Answer 42391).

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