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AR# 42393

Install - Batch uninstall for Xilinx ISE Design Suite tools


Is there a way to perform batch mode uninstallation of the Xilinx tools on Windows machines?


To remove/uninstall Xilinx products in batch mode, where there is no interaction necessary, do the following:

Run the ISE Design Suite Command Prompt from the start menu

(Start -> Programs ->Xilinx ISE Design Suite -> Accessories -> ISE Design Suite Command Prompt)

Note: Windows 7 users would need to right click on the ISE Design Suite Command Prompt and run it as administrator.

Change the directory (cd) to your [INSTALLED_LOCATION]\common\bin\[PLATFORM], for example:


Then enter the following command:

batchxsetup -batch filename.bat -uninstall

Note: here, instead of filename.bat you can either enter your batch file that you used to install the tool, or just any random value, e.g.: batchxsetup -batch test.txt -uninstall.

If filename.bat, or test.txt, does not exist, it will give you an error, saying that it Cannot read file ....,for example:

ERROR::Thu May 26 12:10:31 TZ 2011:: Cannot read file test.txt

However it will still continue removing products in batch mode.
AR# 42393
Date 06/10/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE
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