AR# 42405


Licensing - Can a certificate-based license be retargeted, rehosted, or transferred to a different Host machine?


Occasionally, you might want to change the host ID that a certificate-based license uses for one of the following reasons:

  • The server is being retired.
  • A computer has crashed.
  • In order to target a USB dongle rather than a specific machine.
  • The owner of the previous machine has changed departments/companies.

Does Xilinx allow or provide a way to change the HostID of a certificated-based license file?


The end-user or administrator can initiate a rehost (Modify License) operation from the Xilinx Product Licensing website.

To modify an existing certificated-based license key file, click on the Manage License tab, select the license key file in the master view, and then click the Modify License button in the detail view.

After clicking to agree to destroy all copies of this old key, you will be able to generate a new key for the new machine.

  • An end-user is allowed three of these self-service re-host operations, and an administrator is allowed five deletions or rehosts per major release.
  • If that number is exceeded, the end-user or customer administrator needs to contact Xilinx Customer Service by raising an Electronic Fulfillment SR with Xilinx Customer Service team (by logging in to -> LICENSING) to have automated rehosting/deletion permissions reset.

Note: If you are entitled to a site license for a feature, simply visit the Xilinx Product Licensing website and generate a new license with the HostID of the new computer.

AR# 42405
Date 03/06/2019
Status Active
Type General Article
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