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Licensing - Using a Node-locked License with Xilinx Software


This Answer Record covers questions about using a node-locked license for the Xilinx software and LogiCORE IP products.

For questions related tousing a floating license, see (Xilinx Answer 42495).


What is a node-locked license? (Xilinx Answer 42055)

The difference between node-locked and floating license (Xilinx Answer 40131)

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What is the preferred ID (MAC address, drive serial number, or dongle to lock a node-locked license to? (Xilinx Answer 42410)

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Can I usea node-locked licensefor multiple machines? (Xilinx Answer 34945)

When do I choose whether to get a floating or node-locked license? (Xilinx Answer 42058)

I purchased a floating license and want to change it to node locked. Is this possible? ((Xilinx Answer 41886)

Does FLEX-LM support USB dongles for Linux OS? (Xilinx Answer 35027)

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