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AR# 42410

Licensing - What is the preferred ID (MAC address, drive serial number, or dongle) to lock a certificate-based Node-Locked License to?


What is the preferred ID (MAC address, drive serial number, or dongle) to lock a certificate-based node-locked license to?


The answer depends on the user and how/where they will be using the license.

The following should be considered when making your decision:
  • As long as you do not replace your hard drive, the Disk Serial Number (Volume ID) is reliable.
  • Disk Serial Number (Volume ID) is only valid for Windows platforms.
  • A FLEXID hardware key (dongle) allows a single node-locked license to be moved easily between computers.
  • A FLEXID hardware key (dongle) must be purchased separately.
  • A FLEXID hardware key (dongle) purchased from Xilinx only comes with drivers for Windows operating systems.
  • Some laptops have a feature that disables the LAN port when not in use.
    This may result in the LAN Network Interface Card ID (or Local Ethernet MAC address) disappearing (or not being available) when the laptop is undocked.
  • A wireless Network Interface Card ID (or wireless Ethernet MAC address) will typically be available when the laptop is docked or un-docked.
  • Some Laptops have an airplane mode.
    If this mode automatically disables the Network Interface Card (NIC), the wireless MAC ID will not be available.
AR# 42410
Date 10/03/2014
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