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AR# 42520

10.1i COMPXLIB - vsim.exe not found and cannot select the ModelSim Simulator radio button in the Xilinx Simulation Library Compilation Wizard


When using "Xilinx Simulation Library Compilation Wizard" to compile the simulation libraries for ModelSim, the ModelSim Simulator radio button cannot be selected. 

The following message is displayed:

vsim.exe: not found. Please provide ModelSim Simulator Executable Locations and select ModelSim simulator again.

Using the "Browse" button to specify the ModelSim Executable location does not work because once the ModelSim radio button is selected the executable location disappears.

How can this be resolved?


This problem occurs because the ModelSim executable path is not added to the PATH environment variable. 

By default, COMPXLIB automatically searches for the path of Simulator executables from the $PATH or %PATH% environment variable.

To resolve this problem, add the ModelSim executable path (for example "C:\modeltech_6.5b\win32") to the PATH environment variable.

In ISE version 11.1 and later, the Xilinx Simulation Library Compilation Wizard will work even if the PATH environment variable does not contain the ModelSim executable path. 

You can select the Simulator and specify the Simulator Executable Location manually by using the Browse button in the wizard.

AR# 42520
Date 08/14/2014
Status Active
Type Error Message
  • ISE - 10.1
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