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HW-112 - Which devices were supported on this Xilinx programmer?


The Xilinx HW-112 support for new devices has been discontinued for some time. However, devices that were supported on this programmer are listed in this Answer Record.


Devices that were supported:

1718D, 1736D, 1765D, 17128D, and 17256D

1718L, 1736L, 1765L

For parts released since the discontinuation of new product support for the HW-112 (such as 1700L parts greater than the 1765L), please contact your local sales representative for options on purchasing a new HW-130 or third party programmer.

The HW-130 is the Xilinx programmer that supports both Xilinx CPLDS and Xilinx SPROMS (5V and 3V). In addition, over 30 third-party programmers have support for our newer CPLD and SPROM families.

For a list of third-party programmers and the Xilinx devices they support, refer to:

AR# 4255
Date 12/15/2012
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