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PlanAhead - What is the best method to remove ChipScope blocks and nets from the design within PlanAhead?


Removing ChipScope cores from the PlanAhead project does not successfully remove the cores and leads to errors in MAP during design implementation.

How can I do this without running into these errors?


PlanAhead stores the information on what ChipScope cores are included in a design in a different location and manually removing the cores from the design in PlanAhead does not modify the project location where the ChipScope information is stored.

The best solution is to view the "Netlist Design" and on the left hand side open the ChipScope dialog by selecting "Set up ChipScope".

This will allow you to remove ChipScope cores and nets associated to these cores and when saved will modify the stored ChipScope project files to correctly apply the new settings during implementation.


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AR# 42599
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