AR# 4260


A1.4/F1.4 Map - FATAL_ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:1134:


Keywords: fatal, error, x4kma, x4kmacarry, 1134

Urgency: standard

A case has been seen where a Map Fatal Error occurs when "trim unconnected logic"
in map option is unchecked (equivalent to adding -u option in map command).

General Description: FATAL_ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:1134: - COUT0
signal still exists on CY4 CLB:
The G-LUT is already in use. Process will terminate. Please call Xilinx


The workaround for the above error is check "trim unconnected logic" in map option.
This problem is fixed in the A1.5/F1.5 release.
AR# 4260
Date 05/18/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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