AR# 42703


13.2 PlanAhead - DRC Error: Inconsistent port properties (PORTPROP)


PlanAhead 13.2 software gives out the following DRC violation regarding drive strength.


Inconsistent port properties (PORTPROP)
Port ECM_DQ[32] has a drive strength (12), but its I/O standard (HSTL_II_T_DCI) does not allow the use of a drive strength

However, DRIVE constraints have not been specified in my source. 

In addition, implementation can complete successfully. 

Why does PlanAhead software report this error?
Will it cause any potential problems?


The DRC message is correct--the ports' DRIVE constraints, which presents in the netlist do conflict with their IOSTANDARD constraints.

The problem is that the invalid DRIVE is being added by XST.

If the I/O standard is correct, it is safe to ignore the message as ISE's implementation tools will drop the bad DRIVE setting.

It will NOT affect the bitstream.
This issue has been resolved in ISE DS 13.3.
AR# 42703
Date 02/06/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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