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MIG 7 Series v1.2 - No CC pair available for System Clock


Why do I receive the following error during the Bank Selection of my controller?

"Error: CC pair is reserved in the Byte group T3 of Bank 33 for System Clock. Deselect"


This can affect designs that only have two banks in a column and require 4 Address/Control byte groups as the System Clock must be placed in the same bank as Address/Control. However, the Address/Control pins are occupying all the CC pins so there are none available to place the differential System Clock pins.

This can be worked around by allocating the Address/Control byte groups more efficiently. Such as moving Address/Control-3 from its default locations Byte Group T3 to T1 or T2 Byte Group to free up a CC pair for System Clock in T3 Byte Group.

This will be automatically done by default for users starting in the 13.3 software release.

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AR# 42725
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