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AR# 42741

PlanAhead - Using Import Sources does not add CORE Generator IP (xco files) to a PlanAhead project


I have created a PlanAhead project.

When I attempt to add sources, I choose to import the top level directory using Import Sources.

All of the RTL files present in the directory are added to the project. 

However, .xco files in the directory do not get added.

Why are they not getting added and how do I fix this?


For ISE Projects containing XPS sources, Core Generator IP cores associated with the XPS source are excluded from the source import of a directory.

XCO source files will need to be imported separately using Import Existing IP.
AR# 42741
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead - 13.1
  • PlanAhead - 13.2
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