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AR# 42772

Schematic - Can I filter out warnings and errors on unconnected symbol pins?


Is there a way to stop or hide messages generated on intentionally unconnected schematic symbol pins?

These unconnected pins generate DesignEntry DRC errors or warnings as well as another warning during synthesis (WARNING XST: 646).Automatically ignoring all such warnings might not be safe because the symbol pins that were inadvertently left unconnected could result in incorrect or trimmed logic.


The easiest thing to do in this case is to add nets to the specified outputs and to givethem a standardized name, for example, dummy1, dummy2, and so on.
  1. In the Schematic Editor Preferences, select Edit > Preferences; Schematic > Check and add the standardized name to the "Nets to be ignored" entry (for example, use "dummy*" as mentioned above).
  2. In the Project Navigator Message filter, add a single filter that applies to the XST warning and the standardized name as follows:

    <filter task="xst" file="Xst" num="646" type="warning"><arg index="1" match_type="wildcard">dummy*</arg></filter>
AR# 42772
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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