AR# 42832


MIG 7 Series v1.2-v1.4 DDR3 - FULL calibration mode violates tREFI requirement


MIG 7 Series v1.2-v1.4 DDR3 designs exceed the maximum refresh time in FULL calibration mode (SIM_BYPASS_INIT_CAL="SIM_INIT_CAL_FULL").


The JEDEC specifications state that a maximum of eight refreshes can be postponed up to 9*tREFI periods, and after that refreshes should be pulled in to meet the tREFI time.

The MIG 7 Series v1.2-v1.4 DDR3 design is violating this specification when SIM_BYPASS_INIT_CAL="SIM_INIT_CAL_FULL".

There is currently no workaround, so these violations can be ignored for now.

This issue is due to be fixed in MIG v1.5 to be released in ISE 14.1.

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AR# 42832
Date 08/13/2014
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Type Known Issues
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