AR# 429


PLD_DA/EDIF2XNF 5.x: LOC properties placed on pads do not appear in netlist


Keywords: Design Architect, edif2xnf, properties, disappear, missing

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Users who have used releases of the DS344 prior to version 5.0, or those
converting v7 designs to v8, may notice that in XACT 5.x, properties placed
on I/O pads do not appear in the resulting XNF netlist. The most common
indication of this problem is that LOC properties on I/O are ignored,
causing unexpected pin placement.

In the XACT 5.0 release, the CLASS=P property was added to the I/O pad
symbols to improve compatiblity with other Mentor tools (most notably, to
improve board-level simulation). One unfortunate side effect of this is
that properties placed on the I/O are now ignored.

See page 4-6 of the XACT 5.0 Mentor Interface User's Guide for more


The workaround is to place the properties on the net or buffer associated
with the PAD.

See page 4-6 of the Mentor Graphics Interface/Tutorial Guide (previously
known as the Mentor Version 8 Interface User Guide) for more information.
AR# 429
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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